Holiday Tension Release Gift Bag - Teacher Gift - Nurse Gift - Mom Gift - Plain No Stamp Available

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Who wants to slay this Holiday season with a super fun & trendy gift??!

Discover the alternative to the Starbucks Cards this year! 

Elder N Honey has dressed up its popular Tension Release Roller & made it easy to gift, to just about anyone! 

Included in this one of a kind gift is: 

❄️ 1- Tension Release Roller: 1/3 oz. of Magnesium Infused, Icy Mint & Relaxing Lavender, makes all the holiday stress just melt away..

❄️ 1 - "Winter Grease" - A lovely, no frills moisturizer to cover all that winter loves to extends us. From Cracked lips, to "kleenex" noses, this 100% natural, gender neutral, all purpose "grease" will come in handy for all. 

Giving the gift of a little less tension, is easy. Now we need to decide what styles! 

Here are the options for the outside stamp: 

⭐️ "Holiday Tension Release" - Great for co-workers and acquaintances, from boss to employees, daycare moms, mom friends, & so much more. 

⭐️ #TEACHERLIFE - Yes, the teachers get their own! They rock! They are moms and dads too and care for our little bouncing babes, they need all the tension release they can get! 

⭐️ #NURSELIFE - Same. Works tirelessly. All the love. 

⭐️ #MOMLIFE - For the super moms, in the midst of raising babies, young and old. This purse warrior combo will be needed by someone!

⭐️ PLAIN - Safe choice. Self Explanatory Items - Could Stamp with your own personal touch too! 

These can be sent directly to your loved ones when you select "gift" or you can load up your cart with one for each of the special people you appreciate in your life! 

So skip the last minute run to the nearest gas station in hopes a subway card is still available & be prepared for the season of showing our appreciation! 

Thank you for shopping Etsy & Small Business! 

Happy Holidays!