Hibiscus & Nettle Tea - "Kool-Aid" Alternative - Immunity Boosting - High Vitamin C - Nutritious Herbal Tea

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We all know that cutting out the soda's and sugary drinks is a great step towards health but there aren't a lot of big companies stepping up to make it easy for you!
So in my quest to find a drink that we all could enjoy regularly;
I found several recipes. Some were ok, some were really not our thing!

I love love love Nettle Leaf, it's like the powerhouse of herbs that delivers a ridiculous list of vital vitamins, nutrients and protein!! Yes, protein!
Nettle isn't very tasty.
We found this article on Hibiscus and turns out It's exactly what we needed to mask the nettle! Check out the awesome benefits of Hibiscus here:
Then Rose Hips, mostly because we had them on hand but they add sweetness and loads of extra complete vitamin C!

Hibiscus & Nettle Tea Infusion is a staple drink now, takes no more effort than brewing some tea and actually benefits the whole family!

So let's take this baby step, ditch the kids gone nuts episodes of consuming food dye and sugar!


Makes 1/2 Gallon+ Each! 

Family 4 Pack Available