Itch Relief, Mosquito & Bug Bites, Poison Ivy, Bee Stings. Plantain and Jewelweed extract! Natural Plant based Itch relief for bug bites ivy

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All last summer I received e-mails, text and calls saying "Help! I need itch relief from a bee sting! Mosquito bites! Poison ivy!!!!"
I'm so practical that I just shared what I do in those instances.... Find some plantain, chew or crush it up and apply as needed!.....Wait, what!?
I know, I know, I still totally advocate this advice but for those times when it's just not practical or you don't feel like fighting the hippy fight, here's an awesomely cute roll on with Plantain and Jewelweed extract!
With added witch hazel, lavender and just a dash of peppermint, makes THE best treatment for bee stings, itchy mosquito bites, itchy poison ivy rashes and more!
Small enough for the purse, park bag or camping first aid kit- you won't be disappointed when that first summer weekend appears and the kids are itching and you get to say, "worry not my dears, I have the good stuff here!!"
1/3 oz. Roller Applicator - Glass Material