Magnesium Lotion for Kids 8oz. Magnesium for Sleep- Less Itchy than Mag .Sprays! Epsom Bath in a Bottle! Great for Growing Pains

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You're probably here because someone recommend Magnesium Lotion to you.

Typical reasons one would be experiencing Magnesium Deficiency are endless.
Growing Pains
Sore Muscles
Muscles Spasm
The list goes on.

Magnesium supports over 300 processes in our body and just about everyone is deficient.

We pair this lotion with proper hydration and a daily banana (potassium) we've eliminated Ibuprofen in our household and none of our kids experience growing pains!

If you've tried magnesium sprays before and it had your little ones jumping out of their skin, this is a great alternative, the lotion cuts down on the itchiness considerably!!

The routine in itself with a gentle quick massage of their feet, make a nice smooth transition into dreamland.

We use about a pea size amount nightly, rubbed onto feet for best absorption. It can have a slight "tingle" factor (magnesium is a mineral - think salt) so I don't recommend it on sensitive area's of the skin, or broken skin.
When growing pains are present, you can rub onto knees and calf's with great success as well.

Recommended ages are 6 months-adult (see regular magnesium lotion for adult strength) - When using magnesium topically you do not have to worry about overdose, your skin\body will regulate how much it needs and will never cause bowl upsets like taking it internally.

Each Tsp contains aprox. 150 mg of magnesium states these guidlines.
1-3 years 80 mg/day

4-8 years 130 mg/day

9-13 years 240 mg/day

We hope you enjoy this lotion as much as we do!