PLAIN Tallow Lotion - Grass-Fed - Deeply Moisturizing - Safe Enough For Newborns!

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Did someone just suggest Tallow for a Moisturizer, when nothing else has worked?

Sounds crazy, right!?

I know.

I thought this too, until I tried it.

One day I found myself with a newborn and she was stubborn & well cooked when she arrived....her poor little creases were dry and cracked.

She was brand new, I didn't want to put anything on her, "J&J"?....NO way... I figured a whole food would be the safest thing right?
I tried it and her sweet brand new skin just glowed and healed right up.

Hooked. Now our entire family uses this, from dad to baby!

Go ahead, give it a whirl, you can know you are buying a whole, food based product that is safe enough to eat! (although, I can't sell this as food, so don't eat it)

4 fl. oz. BPA Free Jar

Grass-Fed, Sourced from local Michigan Farmers.

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